Mayweather Sr. Claims Floyd Jr. Has Fastest Hands In The Sport


Floyd Mayweather Sr. Floyd Mayweather Jr.EsNews spoke with Floyd Mayweather Sr. and got his opinion on a couple boxing related questions that were not specifically centered around the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Senior was asked who he thought had the best chin in boxing, but Floyd Sr. expressed disinterest in that kind of thing.

“I can’t really say about no best chin because to me, I don’t ever really look at nothing about nobody takin punches because that ain’t nothin that I like.”

I tease about Floyd Sr. from time to time but his response here makes a lot of sense. He’s a defensive minded trainer. He values not getting hit over taking a good shot. Of course, he wouldn’t be interested or impressed with a guy’s ability to take a beating. After moving on from the chin talk, he was asked who he thought had the fastest hands in the sport today, and the answer wasn’t very surprising at all.

“If I was a couple years younger, I would be the fastest but I guess right now we’ll let little Floyd have that…”

Of course, he’s going to choose his son, but it is interesting that he seems to think he was faster than Floyd Jr. when he was younger. There is a real competitive nature between father and son, even when they are on good terms. I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day connecting that to Floyd’s nonstop drive for greatness.

As for his answer… eh, maybe he is right. Floyd may not string together the fastest combinations, but that cobra-strike lead right seems to travel a pretty long distance and catch professionals with regularity. Sure, Floyd Sr. is biased, but there is a grain of truth to what he is saying.

If you are disappointed that neither of his answers contained any of that signature Mayweather Sr flavor you are used to, I have just the thing for you. On what makes him a great trainer:

“I make myself the great trainer, yeah well most fighters I deal with; we correspond together, and they feel the vibes… if they feel the vibe, then the jingle… Hey, then the time comes, and it’s on.”

Yes… the vibe and the jingle. Two keys to a successful career as a trainer.

See if Mayweather Sr. can out vibe and out jingle Freddie Roach on May 2nd, live from The MGM Grand Garden Arena.