Mayweather Sr. on Pacquiao-Algieri: ‘Pacquiao Knocked the Guy Down Six Times, Why Didn’t He Stay Down?’


    mayweather-sr2Manny Pacquiao’s biggest critic has always been the father and trainer of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Floyd Mayweather Sr. When Pacquiao was steamrolling opponents on his way up from 126-147, Mayweather had linked him to performance enhancing drugs. Now with the fight on the horizon again, Mayweather Sr. has choice words on Pacquaio-Mayweather, and Pacquaio-Algieri.

    Regarding Pacquiao-Mayweather, Mayweather Sr. told On The Ropes Boxing Radio, “It ain’t nothing to get crazy about, nothing to get crazy about. Pacquaio got a win and it’s started like it’s a big thing all over again.”

    Pacquiao knocked down Chris Algieri six times but did not get the stoppage. Some people said Pacquiao took it easy on Algieri, but Mayweather Sr. offers a different opinion.

    “The big thing is now that he was knocking all the big guys out, he was knocking the big guys that can box and fight. Shane Mosley, the Puerto Rican kid, he was knocking them cold and now all of the sudden, he fought a fight with his natural strength and he’s knocking them down but that ain’t nothing. He’s knocking a guy down six times, why did the guy not stay down? He was knocking them cold, ain’t nobody going out cold no more, what’s that all about?”

    Mayweather Sr. isn’t optimistic about the fight but stands clear on the position of his son beating Pacquiao.

    “I’m looking at the situation and it’s not exactly clear what’s happening with Floyd but I’ll tell you this right here, I’m pretty sure if there’s fight, I’m pretty sure he’d come out on top. Floyd, at the end of the day, what he decides to do and what he wants to do, it’s on him. All I can do is sit back and look.”