Mayweather Sr: Pacquiao doesn’t deserve to fight my son


Floyd Mayweather - Manny PacquiaoFloyd Mayweather Jr. embarks on what is supposed to be his final fight. There are skeptics out there that don’t believe that this is his last fight for a multitude of reasons. Mayweather loves money, and there is a rumor that there are big offers out there for him to continue boxing. Then there is also the daunted 50-0 record to pass Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record. There’s also a new arena opening up in Las Vegas where many feel Mayweather will want to open up next year.

But his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. , stands firm that this is his last fight, even if there is a Manny Pacquiao rematch out there and even if it’s sellable which it might not be. But to Mayweather, it may not be sellable because if you can box, you can beat up Pacquiao before he gets to you.

“Anybody that can box is gonna cause Pacquiao a problem,” Mayweather told On The Ropes Boxing.

The trainer was asked if Pacquiao can beat Amir Khan, would it deem worthy of a Mayweather fight.

“Even if Pacquiao beats him, Pacquiao’s gonna get beat up before he lands the big punch anyways,’ the trainer said. “Pacquiao’s gonna get beat up even if he wins the fight, if it goes beyond six to eight rounds.”

The father and trainer of the pound for pound stalwart feels that even a Khan victory over Pacquiao won’t qualify him to deserve a fight with his son.

“I already told him anyways; he doesn’t deserve no fight. I told him, “I’ve seen your ass get whooped by bums, you don’t need no fight. “He don’t need no fight, and if there’s any kind of way that he thinks he’s gonna get a fight — because that’s all he wants. Then he’s gonna put his damn ragly ass daddy on the phone.”