Mayweather Sr. Says More Than Likely His Son Will Fight Manny Pacquiao


We are now a week away from the fight dubbed “The Moment” in which Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana will attempt to unify the WBA and WBC Welterweight Titles on Saturday May 3 and as always the loquacious trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. had a lot to say. When it was mentioned to him that most people believe that the fight will be one sided with his son Floyd winning by a wide margin, he agreed. “They are pretty much right and they are calling it the way they see it, and they are calling it the way I see it.” Mayweather Sr. acknowledges that Maidana can punch but he posed the question, “Do you think that Madaina can punch as hard as Alvarez?” He doesn’t seem to think so and he went on to say that, “We aren’t worried about his punching power.”

When he was asked if he was concerned about the rough and tough aggressive style that Madaina brings to the table that caused the Floyd Mayweather prototype Adrien Broner so much trouble he responded, “Robert Garcia has him training to throw one hundred punches a round but you have to realize if you are throwing them slow do you think they are going to get there? The more punches he tries to throw at my son the more he is going to open himself up, and you know what? He is not the type of guy that throws short punches, sharp punches. He’s the kind of guy that throws looping punches, big wide punches.”

Even though Floyd hasn’t taken care of Maidana yet, questions about future fights are still looming and one potential fight that people are interested in is the winner of the June 7 WBC Middleweight Title fight between the champion Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto, who lost his WBA Junior Middleweight Title to Mayweather in 2012. “My son isn’t really welterweight. My son is a junior welterweight really. He’s trying everything he can right now to keep his weight up. Right now he’s at his own weight. He’s at welterweight right now. He’s been eating and everything trying to put the weight on. He can’t do it though,” Mayweather Sr. explained. When asked if Cotto were to win would that make a difference he said, “I’m just telling you that it’s clear that no junior welterweight needs to be fighting a middleweight. That means that Cotto can put the weight on and Floyd can’t put the weight on, and there’s no reason for a fight. If he wants to drop himself back down to 154, well we can do it again and this time Cotto would get smashed.”

I explained to Floyd Sr. that I believe that his son wouldn’t really have to put on much weight and could actually come in the ring at 150 as he normally does and still possibly beat either Martinez or Cotto. He softened his stance a bit. “You might be right man. I’ve seen Floyd beat a cruiserweight. I forgot the guys name but he was a ranked cruiserweight and my son beat his ass.”

One name that never seems to go away when talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr. is WBO Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao. Before the lead up to every Mayweather fight the question always arises: Will Floyd Mayweather ever fight Manny Pacquiao? This time is no different. “They already seen Pacquiao get stretched by a guy my son beat the shit out of,” Mayweather Sr. claimed.

I mentioned to him that people still want to see the fight regardless and that no matter where he or his son goes the question keeps getting asked. Shouldn’t the matter be put to rest? As a fan I would love to see Floyd close out his career by fighting both Manny Pacquiao and Sergio Martinez. He replied back, “Well I’m going to say this right here; I’m not going to say he’s going to fight both of them but I’m pretty sure he is going to fight one of them though. He’s going to fight one of them I know and more than likely that one will be Pacquiao.”

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