Mayweather Sr. Says Pacquiao Is Going Down, Roach Can Join Him


FloydMayweatherSrFloydMayweatherJrFloydwJm34QPC9cglDontae’s Boxing Nation had another doozy of an interview with the great Floyd Mayweather Sr. and I am here to report/translate it for you.

Mayweather got off to a nice start by threatening long time rival trainer Freddie Roach. Freddie talks a bit to much for Mayweather Sr.’s liking, so he is invited to experience the same fate that Senior sees in Manny Pacquiao’s future.

“[Roach] got something to say every minute, man but I’m gonna knock his ass down! He goin! Of course we know the Pac-Man goin but hey… Roach… if you want go wit’em, go well! You can be a part of it too!”

Floyd Sr. was asked about how long he has known Freddie Roach and, of course, they go back to the days when both were in their fighting primes. They may have known one another but that seems to be as far as it ever went.

“I been known [Freddie Roach] a loooong time… but we ain’t never… we ain’t never clicked like this.” Floyd Sr. then demonstrated with crossed fingers.

When asked to comment on Freddie Roach insisting that he isn’t trying to make Pacquiao fight differently than normal in his super fight with Floyd Jr., the elder Mayweather beamed at the notion.

“Listen, let Manny be Manny. Manny gonna be the guy that got in front of Marquez. And we all know what that is… sleep time.”

Without missing a beat, Senior then went on to Manny and his powerful left hand. Mayweather Sr. is confident that Pacquiao’s left would be negated by Floyd’s right all night long. When that wasn’t enough, he then continued with a bit of a song in his voice:

“Floyd’s gonna move, groove, dance, prance… he’s gonna show the Pac-Man, who’s the man.”

Floyd Mayweather Sr. then dropped one more rhyme on the world to illustrate how highly he thinks of himself.

“I’m the best, I must confess. For all the rest, there is no contest. I will shock your mind, I’m one of a kind. I’m the greatest trainer of all-time.”