McDonnell: I felt like I dominated Kameda


Jamie McDonnell - Tomoki KamedaIt was the rematch to their hotly-contested matchup in May, and it was another close fight as Jamie McDonnell defeated Tomoki Kameda to defend his WBA World bantamweight title.

However, the scorecards reflected a one-sided fight, which didn’t sit so well with a lot of folks.

I scored the bout 114-114, but without a doubt, it was McDonnell who took control in the late rounds.

On my card, he won four out of the last five rounds, but like the first
fight, Kameda set the pace early, and McDonnell applied constant pressure as the fight went on, and Kameda didn’t have much of an answer.

Speaking with Tha Boxing Voice’s Anthony Rodriguez, McDonnell felt that he answered the critics who felt that he received a gift victory in the first fight.

“I feel absolutely fantastic,” the champion stated. “I think I made a bit of a better statement this time. On the judges scorecards, I won by three, five, and seven rounds.”

“I felt in control in there. I felt like I dominated, and I’m just absolutely ecstatic with a win.”

What’s really impressive about McDonnell’s victory is not only did he convince the judges that he dominated the fight, but he dominated a PBC fighter, which he is not.

Why would McDonnell take the risk of losing? Well, he had to.

“There was something in the rematch clause or something,” he admitted. “I wanted to beat him comfortably; I wanted to stop him.

“When they put it to me, I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll go back out there and give him another shot.’

“I pulled it off even more comfortably. Like I said, I felt in control and got the knockdown in the end. That kind of sealed it.”

“The key in this fight was the jab. I started to jab the first few rounds; it probably nicked him, and then he kind of faded. I just kept pumping that jab out. That was the plan.”

McDonnell added that the bantamweight division is pretty much empty in England as far as world-class opponents are concerned, so his plan is to make his name in America.

“At least if the fight is over here [USA], we can make the good fights,” McDonnell said. “If they come up with a good fight, we’ll come out here and take it. Hopefully, I’ll get a few more wins and build the name over in the states.”