Melissa Oddessa Feels Esparza Did Not Do Enough To Snatch The Title From Zamora


    Marlen Esparza had the biggest win of her career on June 19th when she won the WBC Flyweight Title against Ibeth Zamora. It is her first world title to date.

    The fight itself was not easy. Esparza came charging out in a majority of the rounds but nothing significant came from said charges. She got dropped hard with a shot in the first round but was able to recover in part due to the bell. Her speed played a big difference in the fight with Zamora as she out landed the champ throughout the fight. The power department clearly belonged to Zamora though.

    After that initial knockdown Zamora knew she could hurt Esparza and when she landed punches you could tell the effects. When the final bell rang both fighters were confident in being victorious but the decision went Esparza’s way. That’s something that is up for debate with many in the boxing community.

    Melissa Oddessa fought on Saturday as well and won the IBO Bantamweight title. She did not get to watch the fight between Esparza and Zamora but upon seeing some insight on social media she had to see what happened.

    “I’m going to have to watch this fight now,” stated Oddessa. “Marlen boring to watch but I’ll take some time out just to see this one. Ole girl got dropped on her ass.”

    A response to her Tweet stated that this is the second gift decision Esparza has gotten (with the first one being over Sulem Urbina). Oddessa responded that even Urbina herself stated that Esparza did not win.

    “I didn’t see that fight [yet] but Sulem said herself she agreed she didn’t win. I’ll watch Sulem fight but Marlen is just so boring to watch. I’ll catch the highlights lol.”

    But Oddessa could not resist and watched the fight anyway.

    “So I painfully watched it… whatever happened to having to beat the Champion? Fight was way too close to take the belt from the Champ. Marlen got dropped on her ass clean so even if you argue it’s a draw, that first round gave Zamora the edge and win. Golden Boy protection.”

    Should Esparza and Zamora fight a second time Oddessa does not see Esparza winning and as far as a rematch goes with Seniesa Estrada…Esparza would have to find herself in a similar role to Caleb Plant in Canelo’s conquest of the 168 lb. division.

    “I don’t see Marlen winning in a rematch. And who wants to see that anyway. I only see Seniesia giving her a rematch if Marlen gets a belt she will need for undisputed and the money is worth it.”