Melissa Odessa calls Rosalinda Rodriguez a keyboard warrior, vows to f*** her up


    There is a lot of talk in the boxing world, and more than half the time that’s all it is, ‘talk.’ On the streets, they tell you don’t talk it be about it. That’s how it should be in the fight game but there’s always something there to get in the way.

    What we see on social media, chatter between fighters, is only a fraction of what really goes on between those that choose to engage. Most things are not meant for our eyes, but when emotions get involved things pour over into the public eye, and sometimes that is all it takes for actions to take place.

    Melissa Odessa has had enough with Rosalinda Rodriguez and shit’s getting heated. Odessa called Rodriguez and her trainer keyboard warriors who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk and Odessa is ready to fuck shit up.

    “Rosalinda Rodriguez and her coach have so much shit to say being keyboard warriors in the DM’s yet putting off making this fight official. I saw your fight last week…I’m going to fuck you up. Get your shit together and step up or shut up.”