Mickey Bey Looking to Skip Vasquez Rematch on Move on to Another Opponent


    MickeyBeyJr570.A month and a half ago Mickey Bey made his dream a reality when he took on the top ranked lightweight in the world Miguel Vasquez and won the IBF lightweight title with a split decision victory in a close fight with Miguel Vasquez. Since then, Vasquez has exercised his rematch clause to which Bey has shown no interest in during an interview with FightHype. The fight with Vasquez lacked excitement and Bey blames part of that on a hand injury and stated that a second fight wouldn’t even be close. Bey has no clue what will be next in his career but a bout with Vasquez does not seem likely.

    “I haven’t heard anything yet (on what’s next)  but as far as that (Vasquez exercising rematch clause)  goes, I heard him whining about it of course but he gotta realize he got beat with one hand,” said Bey. “With two (hands) the fight wouldn’t even be close. That’s a fight that people are not interested in seeing in the first place. Like I said, it’s just on to the next one now.”