Mikaela Mayer and Maiva Hamadouche trade words


    Mikaela Mayer is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to competition. You can often find her trading insults with other fighters on social media and it’s a great tool to have to build a fight or call someone out.

    Mayer won her first world title last October and the possibilities for upcoming fights should be endless. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to fight according to Mayer such as Maiva Hamadouche.

    “WELL WELL WELL looks like Maiva Hamadouche can’t accept the

    fight offer because she has OLYMPIC

     QUALIFIERS,” stated Mayer. “This is why I said PICK A SIDE. If you choose Olympics VACATE your belt. 2021 is the year for the Jr. Lightweight division nobody has time to wait on you.”

    Hamadouche responded to Mayer assuring her she would be ready for her and that Mayer is just looking to get another world title by fighting a nobody.

    “You must pray all night for [me to] choose the Olympics  [in order for you] to get another belt fighting nobody as you’ve always done,” responded Hamadouche. “But be sure I will be there for you.”

    That answer was not good enough for Mayer who wanted a concrete response.

    “Then get out of the division since getting another belt means nothing to you. The fight date is June 19th. Are you going to Olympic Qualifier? Because the

     European Qualifiers are in June. So what your team told mine makes sense. Olympics? OR June 19th?? Set me straight.”