Mikaela Mayer defends Ebanie Bridges on weigh-in outfit fiasco


    A couple of days ago  Shannon Courtenay spoke out against her upcoming opponent Ebanie Bridges. The issue was in regards to Bridges asking what should her weigh-in outfit be (which usually consists of lingerie or something revealing). Courtenay’s issue is that they are fighters and the weigh-ins are not a modeling show.

    Bridges had a response to Courtenay by pointing out several Instagram posts in which Courtenay is posing for the camera wearing revealing outfits. 

    Mikaela Mayer also spoke out on the issue but her statement was directed towards Courtenay. 

    “If I had tits like Ebanie Bridges I’d be steppin on that scale in some bomb ass lingerie too,” Tweeted Mayer. “I wear what makes ME feel sexy & confident and she has the right to do the same. ‘Be sexy, don’t be sexy, be sexy but not right now.’ Shit we can’t win! Courtenay Bridges don’t be a hater.”

    “Oh, and I was talking to Shannon Courtenay in case you were wondering.”