Mikey Garcia Feels Maidana Will Force Mayweather To Fight The Same Way in The Rematch


    In a recent interview with Tha Boxing Voice’s Fernando Pimentel, 130lb champion Mikey Garcia talked about why Marcos Maidana was going to win his much anticipated rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mikey stated, “Marcos did win the first fight and that he is going to show it more clearly in the rematch.” That should come as no surprise considering that both fighters have the same trainer in Robert Garcia and that both have sparred each other before.

    Mikey goes on to state, I’m anticipating that Mayweather will move more in the rematch but Maidana will show that Mayweather will have no choice but to fight on the inside and off the ropes as Marcos will make it rough and dirty on Mayweather.”

    With that being said, the referee will be a major factor in this fight. If the fight is called cleanly then it will be a much different fight than the first one and it will clearly favor Mayweather.

    Though Mikey is a fine champion in his own right, it seems that he and team Maidana are starting to get over confident during this promotional tour. In the first fight Maidana failed to hurt Mayweather or even stun him, while being thoroughly out boxed in the center of the ring. Maidana coming in lighter and sparring with Mikey, as Mikey said, is not going to help. Mikey’s style is nothing like Mayweathers and if Maidana had stamina problems in the last fight, how is cutting even more weight going to help him?

    Although Mikey thinks that Mayweather probably shouldn’t have taken the fight because he “might not like the outcome”, it seems more likely that it will be the other way around. Mayweather is known for being able to adapt and being the smartest fighter in the sport while Maidana is more known for being crude and being heavy handed.

    When the first fight was in the center of the ring the disparity between the two was on full display. Nonetheless Mikey Garcia definitely thinks that Marcos Maidana is going to win the rematch and dethrone the pound for pound king but he may soon find out that that is not as simple as coming lighter and sparring with a super featherweight.