No Wilder – Fury rematch leaves heavyweight division without a meaningful fight


    Julio Garcia

    On December 1st, the heavyweight division in boxing had one of its if not the biggest fights in a long time. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury battled to an entertaining and controversial draw in what was viewed as a match between power and intelligence. 

    Fans were left wanting more especially after a crazy twelfth round and it seemed from the way both sides had been talking we were going to get a rematch  but with recent developments that seems to be far from the case. The WBC announced that Fury was passing up the rematch to have a fight before the Wilder rematch which is expected to happen this year. 

    Bob Arum thinks the idea of both fighters having a fight before facing each other again is a good idea but in the heavyweight division, anything is possible.  One punch can change a fight and anyone can lose at any time and spoil plans for such a big fight (just look at Juan Manuel Lopez and Yuriorkis Gamboa).

    With no rematch coming up in the near future there is no key fight in the division to kerp it chugging along. Yeah, you have Joshua – Miller but Miller has not reached that high of a marketability yet. He could do do in knocking out Joshua but until then there is only one guy really selling the fight. Aside from that there are some interesting matchups that can be made but politics,  network deals and the same old bullshit that we are used to can get in the way like it usually does.