Nugaev Scores a Huge KO on Friday Night Fights


Friday night fights started with Jorge Maysonet Jr (11-0) facing off against Gabriel Tolmajyan (12-2-1).  Maysonet started the fight looking for a ko, as he swung wild haymaker hooks. While Tolmajyan took a different approach moving a lot and jabbing to the body. In the first round Maysonet was countered throwing a wild hook and his knee touch the canvas. It was actually a clash of heads that caused Maysonet to go down.

Mid fight it seemed tables turned and now Tolmajyan is the one stalking Maysonet. I can’t help but notice Maysonet has a nice jab, the problem is he isn’t utilizing it. He throws it well but never follows it up with a power punch or even double it up. In round 6 Tolmajyan landed a couple of straight right hands that had Maysonet hurt and caused his nose to bleed. Maysonet hasn’t been in deep water yet, this is first fight longer than 4 rounds and he appears to be drowning. In the last few seconds Maysonet almost goes down, someone get him his water wings. Tolmajyan wins unanimous decision.
Now for tonight’s main event Maicelo against Nugaev. In the first round Maicelo showed off his awesome head movement and superior speed. Meanwhile Nugaev is making it ugly, he is able to get inside and land some good shots to the body. Maicelo is really starting to move around now and Nugaev is having a tough time trying to cut off the ring. Round 4 was a pure adrenalin slugfest, neither guy getting the better of the other. A 10-10 round if there ever was one. They really stood in the trenches in round 5, big sec was rocked by a right hand but waved him in for more.
Halfway through the fight, Maicelo is noticeably slowing down. While Nugaev turns up the pressure and had Maicelo badly hurt in the seventh round. Feeling the desperation Maicelo was on his bicycle almost all of the 8th round.  He climbed of his bike only for a second and that is all Nugaev needed. Nugaev landed a devastating, counter right hand that dropped Maicelo. Although Maicelo laid there for a second, he  attempted to get up but the ref sat on him and called off the fight. Your winner is Nugaev by knockout.
ESPN put on one hell of a show and next week will be no different as Rico Ramos takes on Oscar Gonzalez.

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