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Have you ever wanted to hear the host discuss a subject that wasn’t on the agenda, or worse, have you ever been denied the chance to introduce a topic because of the time restrictions of the show? Do you have an idea for a show, something that is not being covered or talked about in today’s boxing media but is important to you? Would you like the opportunity to control Thaboxingvoice conversation and have TBV’s entertaining panel discuss your topic with their brand of diverse opinions and entertaining banter?

Now, Thaboxingvoice is giving you, the listener, the power—total control! With our new On-Demand service, you can contribute to the conversation in a way that isn’t being offered anywhere else. Finally, you can get the exact show you want with all the same unpredictability you’ve come to expect from our live radio show/podcast.

Simply fill out the form below, decide from our many options, and give us your concept. That’s not all. TBV On-Demand is giving you full control by allowing you to choose the date and time.

Plus, for the first time in radio history, we will give you the opportunity to become a part of the show by deciding how involved you want to be. No more waiting on the phone line, don’t worry about getting everything off your chest as the words “Drive by Mode” no longer apply to you.

The show is released online once it has been completed.

Standard On-Demand offer (30-minute show): $35

This options must be selected. Selecting just this option will entitle you to one 30 mins show. Take a look at the add-on’s below and build the show your way.

$35.00Add to cart

Add Ons (Additional fees subject to choices):

ADD TIME (Select additional time to be added on to the standard 30-mintes)

15 Mins – $35

This option adds 15 minutes to your custom show. Total Time: 45 Minute

$35.00Add to cart

30 Mins – $50

This option adds 30 minutes to your custom show. Total Time: 60 Minute

$50.00Add to cart

60 Mins – $60

This option adds 60 minutes to your custom show. Total Time: 90 Minute

$60.00Add to cart

Hosting Option (Select this option to help co-host your very own show-Decide between commitment):

Host Show – $50

You will co-host via phone

$50.00Add to cart

Virtually Host – $75

(Free shirt with this option): receive private access and let the world see your face

$75.00Add to cart

Show Flow

Two – 5 Minute Calls – $20

This option allows for two-5 minute calls at the beginning and end.

$20.00Add to cart

Three – 5 Minute Calls – $25

This option allows for three-5 minute calls (beginning, middle, and end), only available for shows totaling 60-minutes or more.

$25.00Add to cart

Live Calls – $5

Want to know what the listeners think? Select this option to allow calls to be taken during your show.

$5.00Add to cart