Orozco Wins Hard Fought Decision over Gritty Forbes


    download (1)Antonio Orozco earned a unanimous decision over the very determined Steve Forbes. Orozco the young lion was able to use his youth to outhustle the 37-year-old fighter. Neither fighter entered the ring to lose, it was apparent both had the mindset to win. Both fighters displayed heart and tenacity, but Orozo was the fresher fighter.

    From the opening bell Orozco set the fast tempo of the fight. He immediately challenged Forbes into a step back toe-to-toe battle, and Forbes accepted the offer from the younger fighter. Both fighters were exchanging combinations. Forbes would utilize his jab, and the shoulder roll to defend and retaliate against the offensive pressure from Orozco. Forbes also used his experience to try and tame the younger fighter, but Orozco remained persistent and continued to throw solid combinations. When Orozco managed to press Forbes against the ropes, that is when he had the most success, but even then Forbes was able to defend well, and land his own punches.

    Despite the lopsided scoring of 80-72 from all the three judges in favor for Orozco, it remained a very competitive fight. The majority of the rounds were competitive, but Orozco had extra gas in his tank to consistently edge out every round. Orozco now improves his record to 21-0 with 15 knockouts. There is nothing in particular that stands out from Orozo. He is just a good solid fighter overall. Orozco is currently in his prime, and will surely be pressured to fight some more recognizable names in the near future.