Ortiz vs Thompson Mitsubishi Outlander RoadTrip


TBV Crew MarylandIf you add up the amount of miles traveled by Thaboxingvoice and its staff all across the country and spanning several continents, you’d probably get an impressive total. Whether by plane, by bus or by car, TBV’s staff has put in the miles throughout the years.

You could say that our diverse team of content providers knows the road—the good, the bad, and the way it should be tackled. Many individual preferences can make the perfect trip different from person to person, but in this line of work, it is better to share the journey with others.

In a recent visit to Washington D.C. for Luis Ortiz’s 6th round KO over Tony Thompson, Thaboxingvoice decided to pack in the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport S.U.V. for the purpose of sharing both the trip and the experience amongst various staff members.


Of course, the Outlander isn’t the only sports utility vehicle that could make the three-hour trip, but it was one of the better choices that could be made for purposes of traveling with a group of people.

The Outlander was roomy enough for everyone, and there was never a need for anyone to get out of the vehicle for the sole purpose of stretching our feet. We all had sufficient elbow room, which made the use of three laptops and several camera checks of multiple devices a hassle free job. It is usually difficult for two journalists on the road with varying equipment to navigate around one another, and, at the very least, you usually have to fight for body and equipment space. That was never a problem throughout the ride.

However, this wasn’t the typical oversized S.U.V., either. It was quaint and cozy, which is perfect for traveling the highway and reaching a major city. The oversized S.U.V makes it difficult to arrive in a foreign city filled with traffic and tight navigation.

I remember thinking, this car is perfect for taking the kids to the cabin in the country or getting the crew together for a “guy’s weekend” in Vegas.

D.C. was an amazing trip. We got to meet TBV family throughout our stay and not just at the fight venue, either. Everywhere we went there seemed to be someone telling us that they are longtime listeners or readers. Washington was very friendly, and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.

In situations where you’re traveling to do a job, you have to budget to make the trip as efficient as possible. However, the great thing about the Outlander was the gas mileage. We calculated what we’d all have to chip in for gas, but upon arrival, we realized that we’d been far too conservative. There was no need chip in as much as we initially planned to, which allowed us to eat out more and see more of this very accepting city.

We had a great dinner the night we arrived. It was an excellent steak place, but we all ate light because you don’t do anything to upset your stomach when you’re traveling, especially when the trip is work related and, more than anything, when you’re sharing the trip and experience.

For breakfast the next morning, the crew decided we really wanted iHOP. There wasn’t one near us, but we were in the perfect S.U.V for exploring the city and driving as much as we needed to with gas not at all a concern.

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We were able to meet listeners and readers of our TBV multi-platform at almost every stop. It truly felt like boxing had taken over the Washington, D.C. area.

The touchscreen in the Outlander made several aspects of navigating much easier, along with other helpful functions. That said, the Bluetooth connectivity was a bit difficult to figure out compared to other rides, which is a shame because the sound system was stellar and we were able to enjoy the rare occurrence of having four different people that enjoyed the same music.