Oscar De La Hoya Slams Canelo, Calls Him Ungrateful


Oscar De La Hoya had choice words for Canelo on Twitter earlier today (July 19th) and the bad blood between the two continues to get worse.

De La Hoya took to Twitter to share an old video of Eddie Hearn stating that Canelo will always be viewed as a cheater due to failed drug tests leading up to the second fight with GGG. De La Hoya stated in his Tweet that he always stood behind Canelo and it is Canelo who is ungrateful for his actions.

“Look at your fucking promoter accusing you,” Tweeted De La Hoya. “I was always in your corner defending you. Ungrateful [is what you are].”

The video is posted on YouTube was from Seconds Out from 2018 in which the title literally reads “Eddie Hearn: Canelo Alvarez will ALWAYS BE KNOWN as a CHEATER!” The title itself is clickbait. Not a bad thing but it’s what many channels do to get you to watch their video and it’s just a part of the game.

In the video, Hearn says he does not know if Canelo juiced or if something happened by accident. What Hearn does know is that he will have to live with it for not just the remainder of his career but his life. Anything that happens whether it’s boxing or a social media post people will bring it up. It was not an accusation but more a statement of what will happen. Perhaps De La Hoya missed that part or he did not watch the video but he’s totally off target.