Pacquiao: ‘I Have to Focus on Algieri First Before I Can Think About Mayweather’


pacquiao_algieri_shanghai-pc_140826_005aEight division world champion Manny Pacquiao fielded questions from the media last Friday, at a press conference that was held at the AT&T Park in San Francisco, about his upcoming fight with Chris Algieri

Many people in the press have labeled the fight a mismatch and are expecting Pacquiao to win in one-sided fashion, but he doesn’t see it that way. “Our fight is going to be a good fight because Algieri likes to throw a lot of punches. That’s good because we can create a lot of action in the ring. I really think it’s going to be a good one,” Pacquiao stated.

Although it has been said that Pacquiao has slipped a bit in recent years, he seemed to have summoned up the Pacquiao of old in his rematch with Bradely this past April. When asked about his last performance Pacquiao responded, “I always have a plan to win the fight and every fight. In the Bradley fight, you know in the first fight he was just boxing. I won the first fight. The second fight was not hard for me because I knew what I was doing.”

Pacquiao was also asked what he though were some of his most memorable fights and he said, “I think all of my championship fights.” His trainer Freddie Roach was sitting nearby and he chimed in with his opinion. “I think the big fight was De La Hoya. It was the one that changed things for us. It was the one that put us in the big leagues. He’s tall. He fights like Algieri a little bit, and we all saw what happed there.”

As the event concluded Pacquiao was asked what was next for him after the Algieri fight and of course Floyd Mayweather’s name was yelled out from the audience. “Right now I have to focus on my fight with Algieri because I don’t want to underestimate him. He is taller than me and he is underrated also. I don’t want to think that this is an easy fight. I have to work hard and after this fight I can think of the next one,” he explained.

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