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Pacquiao Says He’s Been Tested Twice By VADA, No Distraction In Camp Without Ariza

Victor Salazar Thursday, October 24, 2013 Featured, Home Slider 1 Comment
Pacquiao Says He’s Been Tested Twice By VADA, No Distraction In Camp Without Ariza

There has been much drama that has gone on with Manny Pacquiao and drug testing. Whether it was the Mayweather negotiations, the aftermath of his knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, or more recently whether or not he was tested by VADA when Brandon Rios. On the media conference call, Pacquiao put those rumors to rest.

“I’ve been tested twice recently by VADA, while in training camp,” explained Pacquiao.

That training camp is taking place in the Philippines and ending in the Philippines, a little different to his normal routine where Pacquiao would end in California at the Wild Card Gym. To Manny it just made sense with the time difference to be ready for the fight taking place in the late morning or early afternoon to accommodate the U.S. Audience.

In this camp, there also isn’t the presence of Alex Ariza, who coincidentally enough is in the camp of Pacquiao’s opponent Brandon Rios. Pacquiao also feels that change was for the better.

“We are very happy here with Alex. We are very excited and focused and there are no distractions in the camp,” stated Pacquiao.
Coming off a knockout loss, a fight with Brandon Rios might be what the doctor ordered because of the come forward Rios brings. While Manny Pacquiao isn’t all too impressed by Rios, he loves his style.

“Nothing really impresses me about Rios, he’s a solid fight but what I do like is that he comes to fight, he doesn’t run. I like his inside style, it’s a good fight.”

Many questions about Pacquiao will be answered, especially his durability coming out from a one punch knockout loss. To Manny, he feels that he’ll be the same and we shouldn’t worry.

“It happens in boxing, knockouts are a part of boxing. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I’ll be fine.”

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  1. bocingagain Thursday, October 24, 2013 at Thursday, October 24, 2013

    Dear Manny,

    Just because you won a lawsuit against the doper Mayweather (ironically he ested postivei twice acording to Montoya’s investigation), does not mean you cannot talk about Memo Heredia’s creation Juan Manuel Marquez. The guy Marquez wil ingest anything to win including pee. I thnk Pacquiao is very irresponsible to not talk about that AT ALL. Sure he got millions form Mayweather for defamation but you got responsibility to boxing in general, and to all the fighters and spectators. If this guy Heredia gets away with it, more fighters wil be damaged. Pacquiao like some writers are very irresponsible and shallow.

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