Paulie Malignaggi Believes Broner’s Comments Weren’t Racist But Just Poorly Timed


    Adrien Broner’s post fight comments after his fight with Carlos Molina are still a trending topic within the boxing community. Whether the comments were racist or not depends on the listener and how they feel about it. Paulie Malignaggi doesn’t believe that it was Broner’s intent to come off that way. Broner just said the wrong thing at the wrong time and with racial tension a little high in the sports world it was not a good idea.

    “You know what it is? It’s a sensitive time with the Donald Sterling situation going on right now,” said Malignaggi. “I think the timing was a little off. Adrien does a lot of things in good fun and I don’t think he means too much harm with it . The timing of some of his quotes is off and it becomes offensive depending on timing and when you say things. You may say something and at the time it’s not offensive but the timing of what you say and when you say it may make it offensive. I think Adrien needs to learn that certain things that he says there is a time for them. There is a time to say them and there is a time not to say them. I think he doesn’t understand that yet and that’s what ended up happening.”