PBC/Showtime Could Have Done So Much More For Canelo-Plant


    The hype was huge for Canelo-Plant. The press conferences were heated and trending. The weigh-in was tense and fight night was electrical but there was something missing.

    The show overall was decent. The opening bout had to up and coming fighters face off an ended with a stoppage and it gave both some great exposure. The Rey Vargas fight put fans to sleep and Andre Dirrell went too long against a fighter that should have been out of there sooner. The undercard could have been so much better especially building up to such an entertaining main event. Competing with a UFC card does not help either especially a stacked card. Yes it sucks to split the fans but if you are splitting fans then give them a reason to view you instead of the competition.

    The commentating was lacking as well. Only one voice throughout the broadcast is hard for viewers. You want to hear multiple people giving their take and calling the fight. It adds to the excitement. With just one person talking the whole time they are eventually going to run out of things to say and end up repeating themselves and that’s exactly what happened.

    PBC had such promise when they started out but they began fizzling out a long time ago and if they don’t step up their game they may as well be passed by Triller (not likely at all) in putting on fights.

    Canelo fighting on PBC is huge and they should have treated it as so instead of “dick riding” their own fighters and taking away from the show.

    There were plenty of celebrities in the crowd as well. Show those celebrities on the screen, let fans know that big names come out and attend fights as well. Yeah it’s cool that you showed Mike Tyson…we all love Mike but let’s see who else is enjoying the festivities and can further gain attention to not just the sport but the fight card itself.

    There is still hope but they need to make a change sooner rather than later especially if they want boxing to thrive . As it stands right now other promoters and other networks are leaving them in the dust.