Peter Fury gives insight into a private Tyson Fury camp



Peter FuryWith the rescheduled Nov. 28th heavyweight championship fight between reigning WBO/WBA/IBF/IBO and Ring Magazine champion Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury only weeks away, Peter Fury, Uncle of heavyweight Tyson Fury, is relaxed and confident as he sits down with iFL TV and to give his insight into the tone of camp and what to expect in the upcoming fight.


When asked about Klitschko delaying the fight due to a calf injury during training, Peter Fury calmly put his tea aside and responded in the iFL TV interview by saying, “I don’t think the delay in the fight has made a difference, we just have to take things as they come. I always look at the worst scenario, is he possible of another pullout? I’m not saying for one minute there is, you just never know. If the fight was pushed back to next year it would be bad news. I don’t think Klitschko would do that, he is a champion, he has got integrity, and he has a lot of fans to think of. Hopefully, it was a genuine injury and the fight is on.”


As fight fans have grown accustomed to dealing with delays due to injury, Peter Fury isn’t surprised by issues such as these, but he does not  expect a second delay.


With Tyson Fury starting training camp in June, it is eminent for Team Fury to avoid another setback and remain focused, healthy, and well rested to step into the ring and defeat the 2nd longest reigning heavyweight champ in history; perhaps a ploy by Klitschko who hasn’t lost a fight since Lamon Brewster, a 5th round TKO back in 2004.


Having a strong camp leading into the biggest fight of Tyson Fury’s career has also put a newly found focus mentally for him that hasn’t necessarily been there in previous fights. Peter Fury expressed his approval of Tyson keeping camp private and keeping his weight on track for the fight despite the setback.


“He has had a hard camp, he’s timed right, the only way to describe him is fine tuning a racing car to the tenth of a second, he’s in lean condition, [and] his body fat is where it needs to be. He’s not carrying any excess at all, I think maybe we have a couple of pounds for a 6’9” guy 5 weeks out of the fight.”


Many boxing fans have asked: how is it possible to defeat Wladimir Klitschko? With his size and strength, it doesn’t take much from his famously strong jab, straight right hand, and left hook. But the pressing issue is his constant use of holding during fights. Judges seem to be much more accepting in allowing Klitschko to hold opponents when they get inside, virtually eliminating a chance to land combinations throughout a fight.


Peter Fury did express his concern if the fight is left up to the judges in a close fight and would like to keep it out of the judges hands, calling for a TKO victory to remove all doubt. “I think to be honest if Vladimir Klitschko is in the fight and it’s a more or less a 60/40 fight in Tyson’s favor, Tyson could take the 2nd best of him. I think but if Tyson is dominating the fight and is naturally the better man and Klitschko manages to keep away from the shots and he goes into a bit of a chess match and Tyson is winning convincingly they have to give it to him. I don’t think of a stoppage, the German people like clean shots, they like quality over quantity. I have no concern of being robbed really.”


With his country behind him and the boxing world’s attention, Tyson goes after a victory of a lifetime; one that would change the entire landscape of the once glorious heavyweight division.