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Peter Quillin: “I Train to Destroy People, Rosado No Different!”

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Peter Quillin: “I Train to Destroy People, Rosado No Different!”

On Friday, September 13th before the official weigh-ins for Mayweather vs. Canelo, several of boxing’s elite were introduced to the fans in the stadium and the fans watching the live stream around the world. Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin was one of these fighters and he is honored to stand alongside the other fighters in front of the world. “I wish people would know what it would feel like,” he continued, “Just to be a part of it… it was just an amazing feeling.”  

Back in April of this year Quillin defended his WBO Middleweight title against Fernando Guerrero. Since then he has gone without an opponent but since he is the champion he feels the pressure is not on him and he is willing to fight anyone, “My back ain’t against the wall , I’m ready right now… against anybody.”

Recently it has been announced that Quillin will take on Gabriel Rosado on the undercard of Hopkins vs Murat on October 26th. With Rosado coming off a controversial loss to J’Leon Love which was later changed to a no contest, Quillin knows that he has a lot to prove.  “Gabe is a nice fighter, he’s hungry, and he’s dedicated.” Many feel that Rosado may be Quillin’s biggest test, but he is confident in his ability and his training he stated, “I’m going to go ahead and put on fireworks,” and ”I train to destroy people.”

The majority of the Middleweight Champions are on HBO, and because of the “Cold War” between the Networks, many fights are unable to be made. Lots of fans are left arguing fantasy breakdowns of fights that may never be. Although fighters like Golovkin and Martinez are on HBO, Quillin stands behind his network and the year of fights they have put on, “Regardless of what they say, Showtime is putting on the best fights right now.”

One day hopefully in the near future, the Cold War will end. It could take the relentless pressure of the fans and social media pushing to get the best fights possible. The fighter that breaks the barrier will have to be a fan favorite and Quillin thinks that he is that guy. “As long as I keep building my name fighting and knocking out all the people that are ahead of me,” he continued, “All the fights the fans are going to call for… they will have no choice besides to make it happen.”

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