Promoter: Bring On Pacquiao, Marquez, and Bradley For Provodnikov

Victor Salazar
By Victor Salazar October 20, 2013 20:50

It was a glutton of violence from the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado when Mike Alvarado took on Ruslan Provodnikov, last night. Alvarado said he would box and move and that he did, but Provodnikov pressure and power were too much for the hometown kid. For Alvarado it was a tough loss in front of his hometown crowd, for Provodnikov it was the cliché career defining win, he proved he belonged and that the Bradley fight just wasn’t about Bradley but it was about Provodnikov too.

As nervous the powers that be at Top Rank were for this fight, so was Provodnikov’s promoter, Artie Pellulo but the win was just as sweet because of it.

“I was very nervous about the fight but I know Ruslan had a good training camp and had a good strategy and he felt very confident in this fight. My job is to get him the right fights and get him a fair shot, as you can see we brought out outside officials so you know the right guy was winning the fight, and I’m sure Colorado would have been just fine. Its just that I had bad luck in the last couple of fights but was I nervous yeah, I’m nervous about every fight, I”m nervous about a 4 rounder on ESPN,” stated Pellulo.

Speaking of ESPN, it wasn’t too long ago Provodnikov was stuck with the label as the flagship ESPN2 fighter. In his last two fights, the Siberian Rocky has proven his worth but his promoter doesn’t mind the stigma.

“I don’t care about that I mean back in the 70’s Arum had “Boom Boom” Mancini and Alexis Arguello on ESPN, he had all these guys like Hagler, I think they all fought on ESPN. ESPN helps build people to get them to the next step like Demetrius Andrade who’s fighting on HBO in November, he was built on ESPN, Burgos was built on ESPN. And Bryan Vera built on ESPN and now he’s going to get the rematch in February. ESPN creates tomorrow champions so I don’t think being on ESPN was a bad thing.”

Ruslan became a name after the Bradley fight, and now after upsetting Alvarado in his hometown, you can say he is a boxing household name. For his promoter who seen him grow from the beginning, its satisfaction.
“This is a career changer for the kid, kid came from nowhere, he came from Siberia. I had him since his 1st 4 round bout, now hes a world champion. He achieved something even greater after losing to Bradley.”

So what next after this statement win?

“I take him to dinner (laughing). Naturally we want to see him against Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez or Bradley? Either one, they’re great fights, The rematch with Bradley would be unbelievable.”

Victor Salazar
By Victor Salazar October 20, 2013 20:50
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  1. Napoleon Nalcot October 21, 05:25

    I was expecting Provodnikov to knock Alvarado out within round 6 to 8. What I wasn’t expecting though was that Alvarado’s tougher to extend it to two rounds more. That was a high caliber fight, beautiful as it entertains–the kind of fight that’s all worth your money. We’re not watching sparring sessions, after all, but a real slugfest.

  2. JOE October 21, 06:29

    That was real fight, money worth, not a boring one. Unlike mmmmm…(duck)

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