Rahman Brothers Sue Mayweather for ‘All Access’ Gym Wars


    floyd-mayweatherAccording to Joyce Lupiani of KTNV.com Sharif Rahman, 18, and his older brother Hasim Rahman Jr. (members of the Mayweather Boxing Club) are suing Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the supposed gym wars that were televised by Showtime during their All Access Show. The lawsuit, filed in Nevada, claims Sharif was forced to fight Cameron for several rounds that lasted five to seven minutes. It also says that when Sharif asked for shorter rounds, Mayweather refused to comply.  In addition when a bystander told Sharif to leave the ring because the fight was not going well for the smaller and less experienced fighter, the lawsuit alleges that Mayweather  responded by telling Cameron and others that if Sharif left the ring, to “beat his ass outside the ring.”

    Sharif allegedly “feared for his safety” and was forced to continue the fight. Sharif’s older brother Hasim came to the boxing club after being notified of what was happening. He then challenged Cameron to a fight. Hasim says Mayweather allowed him to fight Cameron and called it a “fight to the death.” According to the paperwork, Hasim is also claiming that Mayweather wagered “large sums of money” against him without his knowledge. That fight lasted 31 minutes without any breaks.

    The brothers are suing Mayweather, Mayweather Promotions and Showtime Networks. The lawsuit lays out 14 claims of relief, including invasion of right of publicity and intrusion upon name or likeness of another, defamation, battery and tortuous assault, false imprisonment, and negligence of others. They are being represented by the law firm of Claggett & Sykes in Las Vegas. A copy of the lawsuit can be found below using the link below.


    While the lawsuit is a serious matter in itself for Mayweather it may end up causing him more trouble with his Mayweather Promotions. He already appeared before the Nevada State Athletic Commission stating that the gym wars were staged and that it was all just for show, but if he is found to have been untruthful he may be in for a heavy fine or a suspension of his newly granted license in the state of Nevada and other places he seeks to promote fights.