Rapper Jadakiss Thinks Danny Garcia Needs a Few More Fights Before Facing Mayweather


    jadakiss185Hip hop royalty and Grammy award nominee Jadakiss, was gracious enough to take a few minutes to speak to Tha Boxing Voice, right after the Danny Garcia fight at the Barclays center out in Brooklyn.  He touched on Danny Garcia’s KO win over Rod Selka.  How it felt to bring him out, to one of my personal favorite classic anthems, “The Champ is Here.” He also gave his thoughts on the possibility of a Danny Garcia vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, among other things.


    TBV:  How long have you been a boxing fan?


    Jadakiss: All my life, since I had to go outside and protect myself.


    TBV: What made you come out with Danny?


    Jadakiss: He actually reached out to me. You know he’s a good dude, humble guy, hell of boxer. So I came thru for him that’s what it is.


    TBV: Is this the first time you guys communicate, outside of him reaching out to you?


    Jadakiss: Nah, nah, nah, he actually call me and I call him, we like family. So when he called and said he was going to be in town for his next fight, it was just a phone call.


    TBV: Was it icing on the cake him getting that KO, for you?


    Jadakisss: Definitely, it made me feel good about bringing him out to the track “The Champ is Here.”  It’s actually sending me back to the studio, to see if I could KO my opponents, like he KO’d that guy there.


    TBV: How has the reception been for you mixing two different fan bases, you know this is boxing you are used to rap?


    Jadakisss:  Well we have a lot of similarities. I am similar to Danny in my profession.  I have been knocking dudes out since the early 90’s. Know what I mean, it’s the same thing.


    TBV: Is he ready for Mayweather?


    Jadakiss: That remains to be seen, I think he needs a couple more fights, you know.  Floyd put in a lot of work, so you know you don’t want to tamper with that.


    TBV: What do you think about Peterson vs. Garcia?


    Jadakiss:  I think that would be a good fight, people want too see that more than Floyd vs. Danny.