Ray Mancini “Matthysse will be throwing punches in bunches”


 Ray Mancini If a fight is called something similar to Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward, it has a lot to live up to. When Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado slugged it out in October of 2012, it seemed like we were going to get such a thing. While the fight was great for 7 rounds, it didn’t come close. Now this Saturday we have something that many are saying is Gatti-Ward, will it come close?

Mickey Rourke and Ray Mancini think so.

On hand at a media luncheon, Rourke told ThaBoxingVoice.com that this fight will be,” More like a Gatti-Ward because ain’t nobody going backwards. Matthysse is a really good boxer, Provodnikov comes straight ahead, and you know you’re going to get an action packed fight. There will be strategy of course but most of it will probably be on Matthysse’s side depending on how much he wants to box. I don’t think it will be a great idea to slug with Provodnikov. If Provodnikov can get by four or five rounds without getting cut up too much, he’ll be ok.”

But in order to live up to Gatti-Ward, the fight has to go some rounds. Something Rourke expects not to happen

“It’s hard to say because both guys have a heavy heavy punch. Someone’s going to get cut up or knocked out quick,” stated Rourke.

Ray Mancini himself has been in some terrific fights and feels there’s no need to sell this fight because you’re going to get exactly as advertised.

“This is one of them fights that you know on front street what you’re buying, you don’t have to sell it, it sells itself,” said Mancini. “Styles make fights and this is a perfect fight with styles. Provodnikov is coming forward coming straight at you like a train. Matthysse can be a boxer but this fight is going to come down to which guy will make the other guy do what he wants. If Provodnikov makes Matthysse fight in the trenches, he’ll beat him but if Matthysse gives him little side to side movement and gives Provodnikov angles, I think he beats him. I can’t wait to see the fight.”

Mancini doesn’t think Matthysse will move like Algieri did against Provodnikov and he also doesn’t think Provodnikov will just walk right in with no regard like he did against Algieri.

“Matthysse will be throwing punches in bunches, Algieri didn’t do that,” explained Mancini. “Provodnikov walked straight in against Algieri, I don’t think he’ll do that with Matthysse. This won’t be a track meet and it won’t go the distance.”