Ricardo Mayorga Thought Roman Gonzalez Lost

Roman Gonzalez

On September 10th, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez made history by being the first ever Nicaraguan to win major titles in four different divisions when he beat Carlos Cuadras via unanimous decision. Opinions differ vastly throughout the boxing world on who actually won the bout.

Gonzalez controlled the action in the first half of the fight and Cuadras really took it to him in the second half but it was a give and take affair from both fighters. Gonzalez’ fellow countryman and former world champion Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga has been known to be very vocal at all times on any subject. This is one that he has not shied away from, but whom he thought won would not be who you expected it to be.

“Well, you see, there are two things [I want to say],” stated Mayorga via Facebook. “Thank you, Roman, for bringing this glory to all Nicaraguans. Secondly, with my hand over my heart, Cuadras was

Ricardo Mayorga
Ricardo Mayorga

the winner. I did not like the way [Chocolatito] fought. In the end, the son of a bitch drank his Chocolatito and ended up losing his belt. It’s what I saw. I watch boxing with reason and, not with the heart. Today I saw a Roman that I’ve always wanted to see but he grabbed cookies of all colors (I ‘m not sure what that expression means). The Mexican won, if not a draw but I did not see Chocolatito win. No, sir. Say what you want to say but I do not support the scandal. However, I am glad they robbed a Mexican and not a Nicaraguan.”

Now one could say that Mayorga’s comments stem from jealousy of not reaching the accomplishments and recognition that Gonzalez has received. Mayorga states that is far from the truth and he does not want to create a scandal with his opinion.

“Just so you understand, I am proud of Chocolatito as well as all other Nicaraguans. I am just stating my opinion. Roman will not be any more or less of a champion for the fight with Cuadras. No sir, no one will take away the enormity of his accomplishments in this sport but in all honesty, I did not see him win that fight. I like, to tell the truth, and I do not use nationalities, friendships, politics, family or whatever so you can put a hold on what you think or say or what you fell. And with that said, I am not trying to create any scandal.”

Mayorga has had his own accomplishments with winning titles in the welterweight division and junior middleweight division along with fighting some of the biggest names in boxing including Oscar De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto and Vernon Forrest.