Ricky Burns-Raymundo Beltran Rematch In 2014?


Bad decisions happen in boxing, some places more than others. Even if you see it coming some of them can really piss you off. That was the case when Ricky Burns fought Raymundo Beltran a few months back.

Beltran literally had his back to the wall with going to Burns backyard and fighting on his terms and beat him in his own back yard but the fight was called a draw and Burns retained the title. After the fight you could see the disappointment in Beltran’s face and hear it in the way he spoke and was truthful when he said people will regard him as the uncrowned champion which is exactly what happened.

Many people including Beltran  would love for a rematch to happen but not on Burns home turf which team Burns immediately dismissed. Now a rematch seems very possible for 2014 according to team Beltran to right the wrong that happened to Beltran. The possible location of the fight is currently unknown but one has to wonder if them Burns has budged on the location of the fight and how the conditions will fare against Beltran this time around.