Rigondeaux Boarding A Plane To Vegas, Fight With Marroquin Back On


After much speculation as to if a fight with Guillermo Rigondeaux would be in the ring this Saturday against Roberto Marroquin, the speculation is over. This morning Team Rigondeaux and his manager Gary Hyde reached a settlement to allow Rigondeaux to fight Saturday on the Chavez-Martinez pay-per-view undercard.

Although the details of the settlement are still taking place and will be released shortly, what a representative from the Rigondeaux camp stated that for this fight, Gary Hyde is still his manager and will be in the ring with him, and Top Rank will be his promoter.

Rigondeaux is now boarding a plane and headed to Las Vegas for his showdown with Marroquin. He seemed to be in great spirits and feels this distraction will not affect him one bit. “I trained like if this fight was going to happen. I sparred over 150 rounds with guys all above 154 lbs and even knocked some big guys down. My legal team told me to not worry about this. They told me let them fight this in court, and for me to fight in the gym and in the ring and that’s what I did,” stated Rigondeaux.

One must wonder if the mindset will be there but one thing’s for sure, Rigondeaux is very confident and is happy to be showcased on this big pay-per-view event. “I just want to thank everyone involved with my camp. Without them, I would have lost my concentration. I have an excellent support team that helped me maintain an excellent training camp even if there were doubts that I would fight this week. I want to thank Top Rank for being behind me and again letting me showcase my talents on a major event. I’m ready and I’m ready to knockout my opponent Roberto Marroquin,” explained Rigondeaux excitedly.

This fight that was on and off and on and off and now back on must have been a distraction to his opponent. But like Rigondeaux, Marroquin stated through his twitter account that he know that this was always a possibility and he was ready for this possibility and that he is now coming for Rigondeaux’s WBA super bantamweight belt.