Rigondeaux Says He Could’ve Beat Donaire’s Last 4 Opponents in One Day


    After months of months of calling out Nonito Donaire, Guillermo Rigondeaux finally got his wish as the two will square off in a Super Bantamweight Unification Championship Clash in New York City on April 13th.  ThaBoxingVoice.com caught up with the WBA champion to get his feelings on finally getting the fight he wanted.

    “It’s a grand opportunity. The world wants to see it. I’m going to do my work and beat him like I said. To say I’m excited is an understatement right now,” Rigondeaux told ThaBoxingVoice.com.

    Donaire has gone on record stating that he still feels Rigondeaux is undeserving off this fight in an interview he did with ThaBoxingVoice, basically stating that Rigondeaux needed more fights even if he has agreed to fight him. In response to those comments, Rigondeaux stated, “If you seen me, they know that he hasn’t fought more than me. I have 475 fights without my pro record. I went to China and back and he hasn’t fought more than me in his whole career.”

    Rigondeaux seems pretty confident going into this bout and doesn’t see anything Donaire can do to beat him. He even went on to explain that Donaire might be taking him lightly.

    “My pure talent is how I am going to beat him. I’m going to put it on him. He doesn’t know how to beat me. It’s going to be my little present for 2013. They’re underestimating me. I’m a better boxer than him and I hit just as hard. It doesn’t matter if he has a strong left hand; don’t matter if he has a strong right hand. I fight with any type of fighter; orthodox or southpaw, it doesn’t matter to me.”

    To some of Rigondeaux’s critics, the level of competition in the pros is what doesn’t impress them much for him to be fighting at this level. They say he struggled with Cordoba and got hit hard against Marroquin, so maybe this fight might be more than he can chew. To his critics, Rigondeaux stated, “Those things don’t worry me. This is combat sport; you’re going to get hit. We all get hit.”

    He then went on and attacked Donaire’s level of opposition. “I’m going to be the best at 122 lbs after this. They made his career easy. He fights retire people. His last 4 opponents come on! The Asian one can’t see. Arce was an old lady at the time he fought him. If they gave me his last 4 opponents, I’ll beat them in one day.”

    When the question was posed to Rigondeaux of Donaire’s opposition and why he wasn’t afforded those opponents, Rigondeaux responded by saying, “That’s the questions; I don’t get the same opportunity. If they gave me those guys, I beat them easy and have all those belts.”

    Rigondeaux is taking this fight seriously already and hopes Donaire does the same. “With Donaire, he can’t fight like he fought with others. I’m very different. With me the fight is harder and it isn’t as easy as them. I’m good at 122 and I’m already close to weight and the fight is still two months away.”