Roach: On Amir Khan “he got no balls” Mayweather Legs, “They’re not what they used to be”


    freddie-roach-814247871-157805When it comes to Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao, everyone seems to have an opinion. Amir Khan who has been chasing both fights and was once a stable mate of Manny Pacquiao said the fight may be boring and that he favors Mayweather. Freddie Roach didn’t take those words too kindly.

    “What does he know about boxing and why are we listening to his opinion?” Roach asked. “He’s not even a world champion anymore. Let him fight the winner, and then we’ll see what he’s got. Why’s he not calling out the winner of the fight, why’s he got no balls?”

    Another topic the Freddie Roach has been adamant about is how he feels the legs of Floyd Mayweather Jr. are not what they used to be. That’s one of the main reason he favors his fighter in the fight. For a fighter, once you get old, the legs are the first thing to go says Roach. He knows from first-hand experience.

    “I wouldn’t say their shot,” explained Roach. “They’re not what they used to be for sure. But that’s the first thing to go on a fighter, “I remember when my legs went on me, and I fought five more times and I lost four of them. I had difficult with road work. You can see the stutter in his step. It’s a bad feeling, and it sucks when it happens but it’s the first thing to go on a fighter. The head blows, and loss of legs all go together.”

    It’s all in the process of being a fighter and Roach feels at the age of 38, it was bound to happen for Mayweather

    “It’s something all fighter have to go through especially when you’re 38 years old. I retired when I was 27 so it happened to me a lot sooner. I had a lot more fights earlier in my life”