Roberto Garcia on Rumors of Possible Fight with Keith Thurman in October


    Main-Roberto-La-Amenaza-GarciaAfter hearing rumors about a potential fight between Keith Thurman and Roberto Garcia in October, immediately got on the phone with welterweight Roberto Garcia. Garcia is coming off an unanimous decision victory over Breidis Prescott, two weeks ago.
    The Mexican-American confirmed that he has been hearing about a possible fight with Keith Thurman since wednesday. But he stayed businesslike and told us, “When I see the name on the contract that I am signing, then I know who I am going to fight.”

    But Garcia had trouble to hide his excitement about the rumors. ”I pray to get that I will get this fight”, the fighter stated. “I am just a guy that is trying to make it. I want to make a better life for my family. And I feel that this is my ticket.” Garcia talked about his love for his family and his love for God. He explained that his family is the reason why he is working so hard. ”God, family and boxing. That is all that matters to me”, he stated.

    Whether the Keith Thurman fight will happen or not is uncertain at this point. What is certain is that for Roberto Garcia nothing changes. The fighter elaborated, “I just keep working hard to better myself. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but I’m just going to go in there and give it all I got. I take every fight as it is my last single fight. That’s how I feel about this fight too. And this is how I will prepare for it.”

    Working hard is a phrase that keeps coming up in our conversation. ”Us Mexicans from Texas”, Garcia told us, “We have that mentality to always get to the finish line. We just always work hard.”
    Roberto Garcia, who holds a record of 36 victories and 3 losses, was on his way to the gym when we spoke with him. He likes to get back in the gym as soon as possible. After his last five fights, he was back in the gym the next monday.

    Of course, Roberto Garcia took the time to thank Al Haymon. “I always wanted to be with a big guy like Al. Last few fights, I fought quality opponents. But now that I am with Al, I’m starting to see the things that I’ve dreamed of becoming reality.