Rosado: ‘I Beat Vera a Lot More Decisively Than Chavez Did’


    TeamGab_crop_650x440Gabe Rosado has made many changes since we last seen him in the boxing ring. First, he made the move to Los Angeles from Philadelphia. Not just for boxing reasons but for entertainment reasons as well. Rosado also made the switch in trainers before his Big Knockout Boxing debut as he linked up with Jessie Reid, a move that he said was necessary.

    “I just worked out with the Vera fight,” Rosado told “Me and Billy (Briscoe) wasn’t on the same page. We had a talk, we decided to move on. One day, I asked Jessie Reid to be in my corner during sparring and he saw some things, showed me some things and we hit it off, it was a new voice and something I’m needed. So I’m sticking with Jessie. It’s working out real good.

    His BKB victory over Bryan Vera put him in the driver’s seat to a fight many fight fans are already saying has fight of the year potential when he meets James Kirkland on November 8th in Atlantic City. Rosado was impressed with BKB and says that it’s something that could be here to stay.

    “BKB promoted that fight like no other. It was like they promoted it like Mayweather-Maidana,” explained Rosado. There were posters on the strip, the hotels, on cars, on planes, in elevators. It was everywhere. I never seen a promotion like that and the place was packed at the Mandalay Bay, the fans were live. I think BKB is going to do bigger and better things.”

    Rosado took care of business in the ring as he knocked out Bryan Vera. He resigned with Golden Boy and in actuality; he’ll be the first Golden Boy fighter to officially fight on HBO with of course Bernard Hopkins being the first Golden Boy fighter to headline a card since HBO closed the doors on Golden Boy fights last year. Not many knew Rosado was a Golden Boy fighter, so it came to a surprise when he told us that he was.

    “I’m signed with Golden Boy. I have been with Golden Boy since the (J’Leon) Love fight,” explained Rosado. I had Russell Peltz as an advisor, not my promoter. After the Love fight, I did a deal with Golden Boy. We just worked a new deal out with Golden Boy and big things if I take care of things with Kirkland.”

    One name Rosado mentioned was Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He feels he did better against Bryan Vera than Chavez did in two fights with Vera.

    “There are a lot of big games I can get it on with. You got Chavez. He couldn’t knock Vera out right? I beat Vera a lot more decisively than Chavez did.”