Roy Jones Jr.: Pacquiao, Not Floyd, Should be More Worried About a Robbery


Freddie Roach Manny PacquiaoThe richest fight in the history of the sport is upon us, and soon we will know the outcome of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao’s mega fight. With all the speculation of which fighter is better and who will win, it will be great to finally get the answer, although someone will find a reason to complain regardless of the fight’s decisiveness.

Of course, the potential for a rematch is as likely as anything else, I guess. It might be difficult to make a part two considering how difficult it was to make the May 2nd bout a reality in the first place. Still, in order for there to be a rematch it has to be somewhat competitive, and there has to be some drama.

There is one thing that makes a rematch desirable without competitiveness being a factor, and that is controversy. A fight of this magnitude always inspires conspiracy theorists, but this is boxing and shady dealings are never out of the realm of possibility.

However, considering which fighter would be more likely to receive a questionable decision is complicated. Floyd lives in Vegas, he is managed by the most powerful person in boxing, and he is the favorite, which can earn a fighter the benefit of the doubt in close rounds, so the argument could be made that he is most likely to receive a questionable decision.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, is the “fan favorite,” his style has arguably been favored by judges in the past — the Marquez fights prove that notion — and the money involved in a rematch is considerably greater if Pacquiao hands Floyd his first loss.

In an interview with HoopJab that’s been published on their YouTube channel, Roy Jones Jr. says that Floyd has no reason to be concerned with being robbed and points to Pacquiao’s controversial decision loss to Timothy Bradley as an example of the potential for a repeat injustice.

“No, I don’t think Floyd should be worried at all [about a robbery], I think Floyd just needs to do what Floyd does. I think Manny is the one that needs to be worried about that. They robbed him against Tim Bradley, clear out unadulterated robbery. So he’s the one that needs to be worried about a bad decision, not Floyd Mayweather,” Jones Jr. said in the HoopJab interview.