Rubio Fined over One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Not Making Weight


    GolovkinRubioLAPC_Hoganphotos4According to an article written by Prezemek Garczarcyk in, Rubio was unable to make weight. “Tom Loeffler claimed Rubio will be fined $50,000 per pound over the limit, a $100,000 overall purse penalty, but Rubio does not have [to] cut the weight.”

    This seems as a hefty price for Rubio, but it still remains a golden opportunity to enter the spotlight. The bout is scheduled to proceed as planned, and it still promises to be an action filled bout between two strong power punching fighters. If Rubio does in fact lose the bout, not only would he have not gained as much money as he should, but he also gets another loss in his record.

    Whether this affects Rubio’s performance remains to be seen.