Ruiz Knocked Down in Decision Win; Arreola Impresses, Bitter Due To Questionable Scoring?


    Andy Ruiz in Chris Arreola stepped into the ring in what was an underrated fight but delivered and surpassed expectations while surprising fans. Of course, there was controversy with the scorecards.

    Arreola dropped Ruiz in the 1st round with a short chopping right hand and continued to hurt Ruiz in the next couple of rounds.  Ruiz started to turn the tide in the sixth round by fighting defensively and the 2 went to war throughout the fight.

    At the end of the fight, it was clear that Ruiz was ahead, but the judges left a horrible taste in the fans’ mouths with their scorecards: 117-110, 118-109 x 2.

    In the end, Ruiz ended up getting booed by the fans because of the scorecards.  He has nothing to do with how the judges score the card but in no way was he that far ahead throughout the fight. Arreola was rightfully disgusted with the scores and proved that he still has gas left in the tank.  Both fighters say they are willing to have a rematch and it should be bigger and better the 2nd time around.

    Fight rundown below.

    Round 1: Ruiz controlled the tempo. Arreola was defensive and fighting off the back foot. Late in the round, Ruiz’s speed and combinations began to show up.

    Round 2: Arreola sends Ruiz down with a hard right in the first minute and a half. In the last 20 seconds, the two fighters traded hard shots with Arreola getting the better of the exchanges.

    Round 3: Both fighters come out swinging. Arreola hurts Ruiz a few times in the first half of the round. Ruiz began to mount a comeback late in the round and at this point, it can go anywhere from here.

    Round 4: Round 4 was more of a rest round for both fighters. Not much happened this round and the next round should be a lot bigger.

    Round 5: Arreola hurts Ruiz early in the round. Arreola has been able to find spots with the left hook and the straight right throughout the fight. Ruiz shakes up Arreola with a 3 punch combo at the end of the round.

    Round 6: Ruiz flips the script in this round and goes defensive which works out for him. As Arreola presses forward, Ruiz was able to use his speed and land numerous punches and the tide appears to be changing.

    Round 7: Seventh round fought q little slower but Ruiz lands the better shots. At this point, I have Arreola ahead with Ruiz working his way back into the mix.

    Round 8: Arreola seems to have hurt his left shoulder when Ruiz connected with a body shot. It seems to have affected Arreola in the round. Ruiz slowly comes on and both fighters land hard shots at the bell.

    Round 9: Ruiz working the jab well this round and landing the better punches. Arreola seems to be slowing down. 

    Round 10: Ruiz lands a big hook early on and continues to work the body. An accidental clash of heads stops the action momentarily. 

    Round 11: Ruiz lands a nice left uppercut early on. Arreola’s left shoulder continues to give him trouble from Ruiz’s thudding right hands. And believe it or not, we go to the final round.

    Round 12: Both fighters come out looking to make a statement. Ruiz lands some great shots but Arreola is able to land 3 swiping right uppercuts in the clinch. Ruiz comes back with heavy 3 punch combinations and the two trade to the final bell.