Ruslan Provodnikov: “The Bradley Fight Changed My Life, I’m Willing to Die in the Ring Oct. 19th!”


Not many people were given Ruslan Provodnikov a shot this past March against Timothy Bradley when they both stepped into the ring together. Most experts and fans considered Provodnikov and ESPN level fighter and thought he had no business even sharing the same ring as Timothy Bradley. But it’s just something about The Home Depot Center (now known as The Stub Hub Center) and boxing that equals magical nights.

Bradley didn’t fight his typical Bradley fight and went to war with the Russian for 12 rounds. There was plenty of action packed rounds that had the blood thirsty fan quenching their appetite. Provodnikov even forced Bradley to take a knee in the 12th round almost stopping the welterweight champion.  Even though Provodnikov lost a close decision, he won new fans and more importantly won over HBO.

“The fight changed my life,” Provodnikov said via his advisor Vadim on Tha Boxing Voice Radio Show. “It made a big change for me. I’m getting a lot more attention, HBO is paying a lot more attention to me and I’m thankful for me and very lucky to be where I am.”

Where he was just a few fights ago was on ESPN2. It wasn’t too long ago people were calling him the flagship fighter for ESPN2 and he could never challenge the elite if he couldn’t get a past a Mauricio Herrera. Now it’s his second appearance on the network even being invited to HBO’s dinner of champions when other fights who are champions were not invited. Provodnikov credits Freddie Roach and his team for that.

“I said it before. I’m very lucky that I met Freddie and train with him. He gives me a lot of mental strength and confidence and the way I got today has a lot to do with my team and my trainers. HBO is my dream. I’m grateful to be fighting and hopefully I won’t disappoint the fans, I know I won’t,” stated Provodnikov.

So how did he end up with Mike Alvarado? It wasn’t that long that Ruslan (or a member of his team) took to social media and called out Alvarado. Alvarado had also been rumored to being shelved for the rest of the year. But the fighter says he’ll fight anyone and when the Alvarado fight came to him, it was simple.

“It was not my decision. I told my team I would fight the best in the 140 or 147 weight class. I was told that Alvarado was a fight that was being offered, so send me the contract and I agreed to the fight.”

One might wonder how his last fight has affected him and how Provodnikov will go from one fight of the year to another fight of the year type of fight as so many people feel it will be. It certainly affected Tim Bradley, his last opponent but Provodnikov feels he’s just fine.

“I heard that Bradley was having memory issues but I hope it’s nothing serious, he’s a great warrior and great champion.  He’s going to come back and look great and he could still have a lot of great fights in his career. As far as for me I’m very very blessed. I came into the Bradley fight and I was ready to die in the ring. Now I have my second chance and I’m ready to die in the ring on October 19th because I know there might not be another chance.”


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  1. I attempt to read anything I can re: Provodnikov, because he and Pacquiao renewed my great love of boxing, which I lost for a bit, because of the horrific and ungrateful belt holders who had no graciousness that fans loved them and put them where they were (as well as THEIR talent too; I’m not unaware of that).

    I’m not a psycho stalker or anything near, lol. I’m not a 21-year-old girl panting after boys. I’m 41 and simply am trying every avenue I can, such that Provodnikov may see my words. I will never be able to see him fight in person. I live in North Carolina and, though I know this is being quite transparent with the public, I lost almost everything I had due to my “best friend” embezzling over half a million dollars from my company. He was the junior partner, and I was so busy traveling and setting up new clients, etc. He was an accountant by trade, so trust led to the downfall of a 13-year business. I am halfway through nursing school, but I will not graduate until March 2016. By that time, I FIRMLY believe the price to see Ruslan fight would be completely unrealistic for me, not to mention getting to where he is fighting.

    I wish Ruslan and the entire Provodnikov Team EVERY WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL THING life has to offer. You earn it. I admire your dignity. I realize that a life-changing experience such as Ruslan’s is enjoyed and sometimes it’s hard to not get lost in it, but who could begrudge him? He shows such amazing sportsmanship. I’m certainly no coach, but I’d love to see Ruslan bust up his opponents’ bodies more, because practically any time he hits upstairs, they’re either going down or are going to be hurt.

    I would like to open an official Ruslan Provodnikov’s Fan Club here in America; however, fans from ALL over the world would have access, as well. I do not see an official club yet, and because my vocation required a lot of travel and believing in myself when presenting to physicians and others who were much more educated than me, I could easily develop this club for him. I do not want anything for it, but I would not do it without permission, because it is his image, etc. Any T-shirt, mug, keychain, etc. sold would be HIS money. I know it’s ridiculously small compared to what he makes fighting, but I would not presume to ever take from someone what was not mine. Anything above what it would cost to have his merchandise, along with any merchandise Ruslan’s team may like to add, would always be sent wherever he would have me deposit it. I know how to design websites, promote events, have been told my demeanor and personality is very kind and approachable, so I know I could make him a very professional fan site, and I know it would bring new fans of Ruslan into the “fold.” HBO, I have the heart to do this. I am a huge boxing fan, and the fact that Pacquiao and Ruslan are on the same team made it even better. I know Pacquiao is quite nice, but I’ve never thought him even approachable because of his myriad of obligations.
    I LOVE YOU TEAM PROVODNIKOV. I have NEVER written any type of celebrity in my life, and it might be crazy to have my personal E. mail out there, but I continuously try to find some way to ask Provodnikov’s team if I may set him up a fan club. It’s on my bucket list. Yep, you heard correctly. 🙂 I am so proud of Ruslan and his team. His manager is fantastic, as well. I think very highly of both of them.

    HBO, if you have any wayto put this note into Mr. Provodnikov’s hands, I would be the type of grateful that cannot be described. I’m taking a chance to put my private cellphone# in this note, but that is how badly I would appreciate making him a fan site and increase his fan base. My cell is 336-202-5060.

    I send much love, friendship, happiness and VICTORY to Team Provodnikov.