Ryan Ford returning to MMA after Covid sidelines boxing career


    2020 sucked for a lot of people. Sports being put on the back burner was a devastating blow to several that needed a way to pass the time. With it being that bad for fans, imagine how it was for the athletes as well.

    Ryan Ford is the third-best lightweight boxer in Canada. Worldwide, he is ranked within the top 40. Ford has been inactive since his last fight in February 2020 before the world shut down. Once things started to open back up Ford expected to have something lined up to continue his career but nothing ever came along that was a guaranteed payday. The lack of action in boxing has forced Ford to return to MMA where he made a name for himself.

    “Well after thinking about it time after time and [being] an itch that won’t go away it’s time to unleash The Real Deal back in the cage,” stated Ford via social media. 

    “With the world the way it is right now I can’t afford to sit back and eait. I’m the definition of a PRIZEFIGHTER- Hands, Feet , Knees, Elbows, Wrestling, Grappling you name it I can do it. With 50 pro gights with the top opposition to prove it.”

    Ford has issued challengers to several fighters via social media but those challenges have gone unanswered including to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.