Sanchez: Canelo will fight Golovkin, Cotto will not


Saul Canelo Alvarez - Gennady GolovkinAbel Sanchez is stuck firm that his fighter Gennady Golovkin is all about unifying all the titles at 160. He gets his first crack to unify his WBA title with the IBF when he takes on David Lemieux. Should he be victorious, he has his eye square on the WBC and whoever wins between Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez. Sanchez believes Cotto won’t fight Golovkin, but Canelo will.

“Cotto wins against Canelo,” Sanchez told “I don’t think Cotto wants anything to do with Golovkin. I think he’s running from Golovkin but it doesn’t matter, we’re not after Cotto, we’re after the WBC belt.”

Sanchez feels that Canelo’s promoter will want to make the Golovkin fight much like he me made Golovkin-Lemieux.

“If Canelo wins, I would say it’s a strong possibility that Canelo fight us, for a lot of different reasons,” stated Sanchez. “I think Oscar wanting to make the best fights but more than anything else, I think that Canelo himself being a young gun and having that Mexican following, he’s not going to shy away from a tough fight. I think that he will take us on and then maybe a rematch once whoever wins. This is the kind of fight that you go two to three fights against each other.”

Sanchez also thinks that Canelo-Golovkin would be a bigger fight because of the Mexican following.

“I think Canelo is the bigger fight. I think Canelo brings more of the fan base that Gennady is acquiring also. The Mexicans love their sacrifice, and I think anywhere in the States, anywhere in the Southern part of the States, it would be huge. If Canelo beats Cotto then obviously Canelo is the bigger fight. If Cotto beats Canelo, I still think Canelo would be the bigger fight because he brings more people to the table.”