Sanchez on Groves-Jack: Groves will stop him


George Groves - Carl FrochGeorge Groves is due to face Badou Jack for Jack’s WBC super-middleweight title. The bout was supposed to happen in August but was moved to September 12th. The rumor is the bout will be on the undercard of Mayweather’s fight.

Mayweather has yet to announce his fight or who his opponent would be. Jack is a Mayweather fighter. So for what it’s worth, both men have to prepare and train without having a locked down date.

Mauricio Sulaiman, the President of the WBC, stated on Twitter that they are waiting for both fighters to sign the contract.

Groves will trek to Big Bear California where he will train at Abel Sanchez’ gym, The Summit. Sanchez says Groves will beat Jack.

“He’ll stop Badou Jack,” Sanchez told Sky Sports. “I don’t think Jack understands the level that George is at.”

Sanchez says two fights with Carl Froch have elevated Groves and his level of experience to go along with his physicality. That’s something Sanchez feels Jack won’t be able to handle.

“Just by fighting Carl Froch and having been in that situation makes a big difference mentally. Physically, he’s such a strong, rugged guy that Badou won’t be able to handle him,” stated Sanchez.

Groves will get good sparring in Sanchez gym but it’s unlikely he will spar Sanchez’ best pupil, Gennady Golovkin.

“Once I get back, there’s several guys in my gym that George will be sparring with “George likes [training in Big Bear], and [his trainer] Paddy Fitzpatrick likes it too. The altitude helps him but he’s getting away from distraction to an area where he can concentrate on what he’s doing, and prepare the way it’s supposed to be for a big fight. I only like Golovkin in camp for eight to nine weeks. Our fight is on October 17 so he won’t be back until August 17. By that time, George will be finishing up and Golovkin is just starting – so probably not.”