Saul Canelo Alvarez Look At Golovkin’s Last Ten Fights Compared to Mines


Saul Canelo Alvarez, Gennady GolovkinWith all the buzz going on concerning Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vacating his title and what looks to the average fan as ducking Gennady Golovkin. Gennady Golovkin later this year had earned the right to share the ring with Canelo but with Canelo’s recent comments it seems like the fight won’t happen anytime soon even if the fans want to see it.

“If it was really about business or it was really about money, then we would have done it already because a lot of people want to see the fight. He needs to work his way up. He needs to earn his shot,” Canelo stated in regards to the claim of him being a business man instead of a fighter. “He has to fight someone who can complicate him, someone who has skills. Yeah [Golovkin] has all of these knockouts but who has he fought? [He’s fought] opponents that are right there to be hit.”

“Look, I’ve fought the best, I’ve never been afraid of anyone. You look at my last ten opponents compared to his last ten opponents, and you guys can see. There is no reason to be afraid of him.”

It’s funny that Canelo says that because his haters have said the same about him in the past. Alvarez fought Miguel Vasquez early on in his career and up until fighting Ryan Rhodes the quality of opponents in the top ten of the division were lacking.

Yes, he fought some name opponents like Shane Mosley but at the time, Mosley was considered way past his prime. It wasn’t until Canelo fought Austin Trout back in 2013 that’s when we knew what he was capable of.

I am a fan of Canelo, but he has it all wrong when it comes to the Golovkin fight. Golovkin has taken fights with anyone willing to fight him (which hasn’t been that many) were in turn everyone wants to fight Canelo for the money. Golovkin has wanted to unify the middleweight division since he won his first title, possibly earlier. He chased after Sergio Martinez, Miguel Cotto and now Canelo.

Canelo not giving the fans what they want to see is causing him to lose a lot of credibility amongst the public. While he says, he is not a business man (which boxing is full of these days) he seems to be taking the business approach. Hopefully, he changes his tune not just for the sake of boxing but for his fans.