Schaefer Talks Robert Guerrero as Possible Mayweather Opponent, Says Pacquiao Rumors False


    Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero is officially on the short list of potential Floyd Mayweather opponents. Of course, this is only possible because of his inspiring performance against Andre Berto a few weeks ago on HBO. In that win, Guerrero beat the breaks off of Berto to earn a unanimous decision.

    There are other opponents floating out there though; after the aftermath of this weekend’s Miguel Cotto-Austin Trout fight it would appear that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is a much more viable opponent for Mayweather now more than ever. Alvarez was scheduled to face Cotto, but that was contingent on Cotto beating Trout. I believe there is still a chance of we’ll see Canelo-Cotto, but Canelo-Mayweather has to be in play one way or another.

    If it is Guerrero then I think the fight is a better option now as opposed to the first time it was suggested over a year ago.

    While I can’t really see Guerrero winning that fight, I do think he’s the type of fighter that will try his very best and possibly make it interesting. But in reality a fight against Floyd has never really been based off of the opponents’ realistic chances of winning. It is however, based off of his opponent’s ability to sell as an opponent. Guerrero “may” have that ability.

    Golden Boy Promotions’ own Richard Schafer recently spoke to about Guerrero as a possible Mayweather opponent and he believes that Guerrero’s story would translate well on either HBO’s 24/7 or Showtime’s All Access.

    “His story can be told very well because it is a very special story; he’s a very special human being. He gave up his belts to tend to his wife who was diagnosed with cancer and how he stood by her, then coming back and winning his titles. It’s the kind of story that can transcend the sport of boxing and would certainly be a great story told on 24/7 or Showtime’s All Access, we’ll see,” Schafer said.

    I think that it stands to reason that if Guerrero’s story is given a larger stage it can impact a larger audience and possibly shed some light on the sport as a whole. So, if Guerrero ends up getting the “Money” fight then boxing can benefit from the lead up.

    There have been some rumors about a potential fight between Guerrero and Top Rank’s Manny Pacquiao, who fights this Saturday against Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth meeting.

    When asked, Schafer made it clear that those rumors are completely false.

    “There is absolutely no truth to that. With the continued disrespectfulness of Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, I have zero interests to work with that company.”