Scott Quigg “We’re still in talks, progress still needs to be made”


 Scott QuiggThe biggest fight in the 122lb division doesn’t reside in the states; it’s across the pond in the United Kingdom between Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg. Both sides say they want the fight to be next, both sides seem to be genuine about it but it seems like the talks are stalling a bit.

Quigg was on hand at the Brook-Dan fight last weekend in England and spoke to Behind The Gloves and says everything is still in play.

“We’re still in talks, progress still needs to be made,” Quigg told BTG. “It’s all that I really can say and we are in negotiations. We need to speed things up more.”

Quigg’s trainer put out a deadline of 2 weeks in the media for the fight to be made, but Quigg wanted to clarify that it wasn’t make or break in two weeks, but he needs progress to be made.

“The two week deadline is about getting things moving,” Quigg said. “If we want to make the fight happen, we need to make things happen. Time is creeping up at on us. If they don’t want the fight, we got plenty of options. The deadline was about making progress. We’re not going to sit around and wait forever. They said they wanted the fight. I want the fight, so let make progress. If not I’ll move on to other options.”

Guillermo Rigondeaux’s manager Gary Hyde wrote a letter to the WBA about forcing a fight between its super champion Rigondeaux and its regular champion Quigg. But Quigg said he wants the Frampton fight first and foremost.

“The biggest fight in the division is me and Carl Frampton. Gay Hyde tried to get a fight for his man. He’s doing his job trying to get him the biggest fight he can. We’re trying to make the Carl Frampton fight then there are other big fights out there. The fight everyone wants to see is Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg.”