Seniesa Estrada Wants To Fight Bareknuckle


    Athletes at one point in time did not know hot to prepare for when life in their current sport is over. They are often left a shell of their former self, broke or with addictions. The modern athlete is smarter as they learned from the previous generations mistakes. Planning for the future is a must.

    Seniesa Estrada has many years left in boxing if everything goes well for her. She’s a world champion and a badass inside and outside the ring. When her time comes to a close though she may not travel far from the sweet science as she has developed an interest in the possibility in fighting bare-knuckle.

    “I wanna knock someone out bare knuckle (and tagged Bare Knuckle Fight Club)…after boxing,” Tweeted Estrada.

    Estrada could do a fight or two before her tenure is over on boxing if the money is right. Other athletes that have had success in combat sports such as Paige Van Zant and Rachael Ostovich have made the move and it proved to go over well with fans.