Shakur Stevenson: Bob Better Bet On Me


    In modern times being the top talent in a sport can only get you so far. We are in the social media landscape not just for sports but for everyday life. Having a huge social media presence can get you to the top whether you deserve to be there or not.

    Shakur Stevenson has a decent social presence. His Twitter is at 116.3k followers whereas his Instagram is is at 600k followers. He’s not killing it compared to some others in the sport but he’s got a solid legit following.

    What Stevenson is killing it at is his talent. You could tell from the Olympics that this kid (at the time) was going to be something special. Low and behold it followed him into the pros and he is currently one of the top fighters in the world. Will that talent be enough to push him to superstardom? Will his promoter Bob Arum back him? Stevenson hopes so.

    “Bob better bet on me,” Tweeted Stevenson. “I can take his company to the top but better believe in me cause my talent is rare.”

    Arum did have another talent that was rare and that talent is one of the mentors of Stevenson. That fight is Terrence “Bud” Crawford. Crawford did not get as huge of a push as he should have gotten and the relationship with Arum turned sour especially in the public eye when Arum mentioned how much money he loses every time Crawford fights. It just goes to show you talent will only get you so far.

    So what can Stevenson do? Continue winning in exciting fashion and put himself out in the public eye as much as possible in a positive way (you can still play the villain if you want to going into a fight). Keep the people talking and don’t take too much time off especially if you don’t want to be treated by your promoter the way your mentor was.