Shakur Stevenson Brawl Video Released, Shows He Has Some growing up to do.


    Julio Garcia

    Upon reading the headline many of you may feel I am a hater but that is far from the truth. I have enjoyed watching Shakur Stevenson since he was in the Olympics. I knew he was going to get signed right after the Olympics but he didn’t sign with who I expected.

    Once Stevenson turned pro he proved why he was touted as a future star. He did not face a bunch of tomato cans to build up his record and fought guys that had little to no losses on their records and he beat them. From the way things are going the future seems to be very bright.

    Last year Stevenson was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge. No big deal right? it was only a misdemeanor and athletes and other celebrities are known to get in a scuffle here or there but with the release of the fight video it paints a whole new light on the incident.

    Stevenson has so much to lose and as a professional fighter he is expected to act a certain way and aside from that, his hands are a weapon. Getting into street-level brawls such as this not only hurt his image but it shows a lack of maturity. Hopefully, for his sake, he has grown since this incident and leaves all that street bullshit behind him because it does not always end well. Rake a look at incidents that have happened with Adrien Broner and Tank Davis. All guys with a tremendous amount of talent and all that can go away in a heartbeat due to bad decisions.