Shawn “Mission Impossible” Jones and Anthony “Chach the Dad” Casados Part of a Stacked Border Wars 9 Card


    Border Wars 9 is one of the most stacked cards in the event’s history. Looking closely at the card, there are quite a few main event quality matchups deserving of the top bill. One such matchup pits Shawn “Mission Impossible” Jones (0-1) against Anthony “Chach the Dad” Casados with a 190lb limit. There is so much intrigue in this matchup based on two simple truths: “Chach” is making his much-anticipated debut and Shawn could easily be 1-0 right now.

    Shawn is from Houston, TX where he trains in a variety of gyms for the purpose of quality sparring, although he is self-taught when it comes to the sweet science. As a true athlete, Shawn played football in high school. However, like most high school athletes, he needed to fill the competitive void football left. Soon after, he found boxing, and that is where his 7yr love affair with the sport began.

    In Shawn’s last outing, he was extremely competitive. In fact, a couple of things go his way in the fight and he leaves Border Wars 7 with his hand raised.

    This time around, Shawn feels like he is in the driver’s seat headed into his matchup with “Chach.” The confidence a fighter gets after competing in a Border Wars cannot be overstated, nor can that experience be substituted for— all the rounds in sparring never fully prepare you for an actual fight in front of the TBV fam.

    That confidence should translate into the best version of Shawn we’ve seen thus far.

    “I am hoping to improve my punch output and willingness to engage,” Shawn told TBV. “I actually enjoy a short training camp because it allows me to be focused all the way up until the fight. My opponent doesn’t know what’s about to hit him.”

    That opponent, with perhaps the coolest nickname in all of Border Wars, is Anthony “Chach the Dad” Casados. He trains out of the Sweat Gym in Irving, TX. While “Chach” is making his Border Wars debut, he is not completely unfamiliar with the TBV fam being that he trains with BW’s alumni Eric Cruz. So, you could say that while Shawn will have the experience, “Chach” will certainly have the home-field advantage.

    “Chach” will be one of the more experienced fighters to debut under the Border Wars banner. He started boxing at age 13. At one point, “Chach” took a layoff from the sport that lasted 7 years, but he is all the way in for his upcoming bout, training since October.

    What to expect from “Chach” is unknown, but he clearly has an idea of where he wants to take things.

    “I’m working heavily on my speed and stamina, those are my two main focuses for this fight,” Anthony told TBV. “I feel great. I think I am on pace to being in the best shape of my adult life, slowly getting rid of this dad bod.”

    Anthony feels like he’s the one with the experience heading into the fight based on the fact that he has some amateur experience.

    “And I think my body will respond well, I feel I have an advantage from other fighters that just hop in there for BW, having been in the ring before as an amateur. I can conserve energy and stay patient looking to pick the right shots that will put me in place to get the W on December 5th.”

    This could be a contender for fight of the night. It has all the makings to steal the show and between Shawn’s athletic build and Chach’s experience – they’re both calling for an early night – there is a good possibility we see something special.

    “Chach,” for one, believes he is going to leave a real impact, of the viral kind.

    “I just hope there’s a cameraman nearby to catch Steve Willis’ face as I catch Shawn on the jaw, hopefully become a meme on the internet or something… that’s what I’m excited about”