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Thursday 31st July 2014,
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Shawn Porter Could Fight In April Or May, Willing To Face Amir Khan

JulioGarcia Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Featured No Comments
Shawn Porter Could Fight In April Or May, Willing To Face Amir Khan

Shawn Porter has been a busy man in training even though he has no set opponent or date for his next fight.

During one of his recent workouts former world champion Amir Khan showed up to possibly scout Porter as an opponent should Khan not land a Mayweather fight. Khan observed Porter then began to partake in the workout which did not seem to bother Porter, according to Porter’s father and trainer Ken Porter the idea of a fight with Khan has come up as a possibility.

“It did come up when we were working out (a Khan fight),” said Ken Porter. “A reporter was there and said ‘how do you feel? You’re out here on the track and you might possibly have a fight with him.’ Shawn said ‘it’s like right now I’m smiling and laughing but I can flip the switch on him and get down and dirty.’”

Ken has stated that Shawn is currently a month and a half into training camp and could fight possibly in April or May depending on who steps up to fight and when they want to fight. The list may be slim at the moment for fights that make sense since fighters are currently positioning themselves for their next fight and it seems as if Shawn is not on anyone’s list.

“Right now we are close to 45 days in training and keeping it balanced so if you say go we can do April. If you ask us to do it in May then we have to slow down and take it easy. I would welcome anybody for a fight. We don’t have one. We don’t have a date. Nobody is banging on the door to take the fight with us and it may sound like you heard that before but that is the truth. We don’t have anybody. I’m looking for somebody, anybody. Amir Khan that would be great. Other guys are trying to position themselves and find out who they are going to fight. We got both hands raised. We will take the fight it don’t matter.”



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